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500 Pound Club
  GoTuNk, Sep 06 2015

Just wanted to share, that after a year, I've finally added 10kg (22 pounds) to my Squat and broken the 500 pound barrier with (230kg back squat). On the same day I did 225 and 230 and had to put all my soul on that lift.

I've been squatting everyday no matter what for the past 2 month (except sundays), letting how "I feel" dictate the intensity (weight), mostly doing singles. Self-regulated intensity is the most advanced training method but it's def worth it, if you can totally be honest with yourself and have at least a few years under the bar.

My only limitation is a nagging small glute tear, which healed but I re injured it. (it only bothers me on Back Squats with 200kg or more)
Now I'm dialing the intensity down to let it heal, and will start adding very light 2x squat sessions and focusing on other core skills. Basically targeting to put in even more volume to build an ever more solid base to reach 240kg by the end of the year.

Both of my business (My Crossfit Gym and my Sports supplier) are doing great and should allow me to make a comfortable living within a year, I think.

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Selling pt4+flopzilla
  GoTuNk, May 03 2015

Sup, haven't posted in a while, quit poker 3-4 months ago and I'mm collecting my online money.

Currently selling my software licenses:

PT4 : 50 USD
Flopzilla: 25 USD

Both: 70 USD

Can receive stars or neteller

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Life Update
  GoTuNk, Oct 05 2014



I'm finally competing again and attending my first international meet in Buenos Aires, Argentina, organized by FESUPO, which is IPF for South America. Drug-testing, 2 hour weight-in and the most strict rules.

Last few months I haven't added any weight to my lifts, but I've progressed so much on supplemental lifts, develop greater work capacity and learn to recover better that I'm sure I'll be crushing as I can already feel now that I'm training focusing on improving my Squat/Bench Deadlift.

Goal for the meet is to add 10kg to my Squat (230kg), enjoy my bench talent (current best is 160, want to do 170kg++) and also another 10kg to my deadlift (278kg)

Some vids, high rep strength base bulding:

Also, I've set the long term goal of winning IPF World Classics in 2 years. I'll focus on adding 10kg to my squat/deadlift at every meet until I'm on par with the very best and beat them with my super bench.


Invested most of my money on my company on taishan barbells and discs, focused on supplying crossfit gyms. Taishan Sports is a Chinese manufacturer that builds elite-level equipment at an affordable price; shipment should be here in 20 days and hopefully sales go as expected. I've somewhat neglected/postponed the marketing stuff, but will get started today and hope my lifting prowness helps a bit.

I've also kept doing some side money with poker, but don't plan to grind for a lot longer.

The crossfit gym where I train is the best place ever. Full of hot, young girls (18-21) that I can hit on, and that get turned on by my massive back squat; I'm currently seeing one that I actually like. It's got to a point that I find girls of my age too old for me (I've just turned 24). I bought a bench rack that I donated to the gym, and they are gonna buy some of my barbells, turning the place into effectively heaven (their first bars are shit).


Any recommendations? Read "Antifragile" by Taleb and "They Way of Men" by Jack Donovan lately. I'm looking for something to expand the mind like those books. I'd rate Antifragile as the best book I've ever read, read it twice. Everyone should fucking read it.

Life is aweosome

Overall, it finally feels like all the hard work I've ever done is coming to fruition.

For starters, all the hours reading books and pretty much everything on the internet, coupled with getting a bit older (experience) give me a feeling of knowledge and wisdom above pretty much everyone I know; like all the fractioned stuff I've learnt comes together; lifting, economy, politics, woman and business.

The above provides with lots of confidence on pretty much everything I'm doing, and it seems to fucking work.

Most important, I feel happy and awesome most of the time, which I cannot say I did before.

A few quotes I've found lately that I like:

“To be unlike other men, you must do what they are unwilling to do. You must seek out pain” – D&P

“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything as either a blessing or a curse." – Carlos Castañeda

What is good? All that heightens the feeling of power in man, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? All that is born of weakness. What is happiness? The feeling that power is growing, that resistance is overcome.” – F. Nietzsche

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